Love at The Wing

February has arrived and LOVE is in the Air (and in the food but that’s year round) here at the Wing! Whether you’re in love with your significant other, your pet, or yourself, we’re all in our feelings this month! 


Over the past 29 years, SO many couples have met in our many locations. We’ve heard stories about people meeting at the bar that later end up getting married and creating WILD LIVES together (and even some Wild Childs). It makes it more special knowing we played Cupid a time or two to make that happen :). Who knows, your future love (or best ex of your life) might just sit next to you at the bar the next time you come visit us! Until then, here are some stories of “Love At The Wing” that may keep your hopes up :).

Lindsay and Floyd Patterson- N. Charleston, SC

Floyd and Lindsay met at the one and only Wild Wing Cafe North Charleston in Summer 2008. Floyd was a bouncer on the weekends and she had just graduated from Clemson and joined the WWC Crew as a server.
“Ironically, we both told our mutual friend Ashley Barton (also a WWC server) that we were interested in each other. Ashley thought we were taking too long to connect so she set up our first date. After that date, we couldn’t stay away from each other and moved in with each other after just THREE weeks of dating! Crazy!” Lindsay says.
After 5 years of dating, they got married on October 5, 2013. Their wedding was featured on TLC’s “Four Weddings.” You can still catch their episode “…And An Aircraft Carrier” on TLC network or online. You might even spot a few of your Wild Wing favorites on the show. And yes, they won the FREE HONEYMOON to St. Maarten!
Floyd and Lindsay have been together for over a decade and have a handsome 2 year old boy named Ace. “I still love Floyd as much as I did when he was checking IDs while flexing his muscles in those Wild Wing Tees with the sew-in sleeves!”

Tim & Shannon Weeden- N. Charleston, SC

Shannon and Tim met after Hops closed down and Tim came to work for Wild Wing Cafe. She was assigned to train him for his food running shift. “He’d make stupid jokes like ‘these are wings and these are fries’. He proceeded to try to take me our but I just wrote him off.” Shannon says.
Eventually, however, Tim started to grow on Shannon and eventually got her with one of the cheesiest pick up lines he could dish out to at least woo her to the first date.  (Scroll down to see what Tim’s “cheesy” line was under Pick Up Lines Heard at the Wing below!) “This was only after he proceeded to win over my mom and sister when they came to sit in my section by asking things like WHY WON’T SHE DATE ME and I’M A GOOD GUY AND SHE WON’T EVEN GIVE ME A CHANCE.” Well, he woo’d over mom & sister and eventually picked her up for what Shannon calls “The Pity Date”
“14 Years, 3 apartments, 2 dogs, and a house later and I couldn’t imagine my life without him or my friends in the unofficial sorority that is Wild Wing Cafe. Even if we don’t work there anymore, it’ll always be the place that brought us together.”

 Pick Up Lines at the Wing 

“What time do you have to be back to Heaven?”“Your Mom Must Be a Chicken cuz your EGGCELLENT!”, “Call me Shrek cuz I’m Head Ogre Heels For You”…..we’ve all heard them. The classic pick up line. Whether cheesy, dirty, funny, or even saucy—they can come in handy when you’re looking for the next one- or just someone to take to the Wing tonight 🙂 Here are some pick up line’s heard around the Wing. via GIPHY

“The Classic “Movie Line”

“I really like to go to the movies but don’t like to go solo, can I have your number so I don’t have to go alone? Tim W. – North Charleston, SC  (This line actually worked by the way- Check Out Love Stories at the Wing above if you haven’t to see how THAT unfolded).


“The Ol’ Drop Your Phone in Water Trick”

“There was a time when water proof phones were a big thing…like the chunky ones before smartphones were out. I was at the bar and this guy casually says to me “Want to see a trick? I’m going to drop my phone in this water and it’s still going to work”. I looked at him crazy and told him to prove it. He drops his phone in the water and tells me to call him (gives me his number) and to get ready to hear it ring. So I stupidly called it and yes it did ring- and then he asked me to dinner since “he already had my phone number”. Safe to say, he got me. No, I didn’t go to dinner but I still wonder the brand of that phone today. ”  Kim F.-  Statesboro, GA

“I Mish you, do you Mish me?”

“I was sitting at the Wing one day by myself and this guy started talking to me. It took me a second but I realized he was a regular at a bar that I work at.  I couldn’t remember his name but he definitely remembered mine. Apparently he knows me very well because he proceeded to tell me that he had  just gotten back from a mission trip and that he “mished me” the whole time and asked if I “mished” him coming to his bar.  He really said it like that and I honestly don’t even know if it was a joke or not because he said “mish” for the rest of the conversation.  He asked me out before he left and of course I said No. Now, I definitely know who he is when he comes into my bar & if he stopped coming in, let’s just say I wouldn’t “mish him”- and it’s very awkward now. ” Amy- N. Pooler, GA


What’s better than a store bought gift…one from the HEART of course. Everyone is a sucker for a D-I-Y gift and we’ve got the perfect idea….A WING BOUQUET. Remember, the way to someone’s heart is through…well…chicken. Duh!

Materials Needed: 12 PC Wing From Wild Wing…or a bigger count if you want an even bigger bouquet (and dinner) | Wooden Skewers | Wax/Deli Paper | Rubber Bands | Wet Naps (it’s gonna get saucy)


Step One: Take one Wing and pierce it through the top of the sharper end of the skewer. Make sure that the skewer doesn’t penetrate the Wing all the way through- just enough to secure it at the top of the skewer. The trick is to find a thicker part of the meant. Repeat this until each of your wings is placed on a skewer. 

Step Two: Grab all of the skewers, bring them together, and arrange them like you would flowers (some longer than others- spread different flavors out, etc)

Step Three: Grab a Rubber Band and wrap the skewers together at the bottom to secure them in a bunch. 

Step Four: Place wax/deli paper on flat surface. Lay wing bouquet  on top of deli paper. Place to where there are a few centimeters of deli paper. Place to where there are a few centimeters of deli paper above the highest pointing skewer. 

Step Five: Take the left side and the right side of the paper and bring it over the center bottom of the skewers. Wrap rubber band around it. 

The finished product should look like this 🙂

Step Six: Give to your love and wait for them to react! Make sure they know that you made it- that’s the key….to their heart and their mouth.